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This PowerPoint contains 121 slides on the 15 poets in the AQA Love & Relationship cluster and are accompanied with notes on poetic devices used by the artist and the effects on the reader; there are explanatory notes on each poem and biographical details on each poet.


There are handouts on the Assessment Objectives with advice on how to maximise point scoring. As well the guide contains practice GCSE exam questions, compare & contrast chart, essay structure advice, mind mapping, essay structure tips and discursive markers advice and tasks for better essay writing results. In addition there are handouts on poetic and rhetorical devices and poetry styles to help students identify techniques and comment on effects.


This PowerPoint is intended to focus the student on relevance to the exam. We have worked hard to make it simple for the student.


The PPT contains 13-15hours of teaching time.

AQA Love & Relationships Poetry Anthology PowerPointSlides

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