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Health & Safety


Everyone at Mr L’s Online shares the responsibility in creating a safe workplace. We at Mr L’s Online invest in resources to help our employees thrive. We are constantly evaluating new technologies and learning opportunities to optimize how employees and leaders build capabilities, receive critical safety information, and prepare to meet future challenges. We are committed to utilizing technological capabilities, embracing expertise in health and wellness, and collaborating with proven experts to proactively manage and prevent work-related injuries.

This Health and Safety manual has been prepared by Mr Luis Lozano on behalf of Mr L’s Online It contains the company’s Health and Safety Policy as required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and it defines the way we manage the health and safety hazards and risks associated with our business, premises and activities. 

Mr L’s Online is committed to managing health and safety effectively to protect all staff and other persons with whom we interact because we recognise that we have not only a moral and legal duty but also that our staff employed by Mr L’s Online are our greatest asset. 
Our approach to managing health and safety will be pragmatic and proportionate and will be prioritised according to risk with the objective of maintaining continuous improvement. We accept that we cannot eliminate risk from everything we do but we can manage risk in such a way that exposure to hazards is controlled as far as is reasonably practical. 

At Mr L’s Online we recognise that improvement in health and safety will not happen by chance and that planning to manage using a systematic approach through risk assessment is a necessary first step and an ongoing process. In moving forwards Mr L’s Online will wherever possible mitigate risk through selection of buildings, equipment and processes. Where risks cannot be eliminated they will be minimised by the use of physical controls or, as a last resort, through systems of work and personal protection. 

Mr L’s Online success in managing health and safety will be measurable and we look to establish performance standards against which we can monitor our progress to identify future actions to go into our improvement programme. 

Based on our performance measurement in the form of accident monitoring, internal monitoring and external audits we will review our health and safety arrangements periodically and at least annually. The results of our measurement will be recorded and presented to Mr L’s Online directors in the company’s Annual Report.

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