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Mr L is seen on a laptop screen video chat over the shoulders of students

Mr L is an ex-grammar school teacher who is pursuing his passion for teaching and for his students to practice real learning and thinking.

At Mr L’s we prescribe self-reliance, self-expression, self-reflection and self-regulation in a student’s learning, which adds up to self-confident students.

Assisting Mr L is Elizabeth, who managed a large library in Belfast for twenty years and doesn’t mind being known as ‘Library Liz’. She is equally passionate about the pleasures of reading and raising literacy levels. Elizabeth is a voracious reader, she reads advance copies for certain publishing houses and is never happier than when she has a book in one hand and a good coffee in the other.  

Apart from our two goldfish, the other member of the family is our 13-year-old daughter who thinks she’s 18! A former Montessori and Grammar school girl she is now home educating and stress testing Mr L’s resources, as well as stressing Mr L.

We try to practice what we preach about education setting you free and have invested a lot of time from an early age to ensure our daughter received the best educational start in life. 

Mr L writes educational packages for all ages and stages of learning, whether stand-alone or a sequenced series of lessons (Scheme of Work).

If you have not found what you are after, email and we’ll try to write something bespoke.

Happy learning on your journey,

The team at Mr L’s.

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