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Compliments, Concerns & Complaints Policy

Procedure for Students and Customers

Last updated 26th March 2024



At Mr L’s Online English we want to provide an outstanding learning experience for our students. In addition, we seek to provide an excellent service for, and develop positive relationships with, students, employers and other stakeholders.
One way we can improve what we do is by listening and responding to peoples' views. Mr L’s Online English values the feedback that clients provide as a contribution to our commitment to meeting the needs of each student. We are also keen to have feedback from stakeholders, employers and our competitors to add value to our service and as a contribution to our commitment to the online tutoring communities Mr L’s Online English collaborates with. 


Mr L’s Online English  would like to hear from students/clients when we have met or exceeded expectations and will respond to the compliments we receive.


Equally, we recognise that sometimes things do not go as planned and there may be reason to express concern or to complain. Mr L’s Online English aims to deal with concerns and complaints quickly and put things right, or do as much as we can, to improve our performance. All compliments, concerns or complaints about any of our services or facilities are taken seriously. We use compliments, concerns and complaints policy as a yard stick to ensure we get things right first time, congratulate our staff on doing a good job, share best practice and identify and learn how we can do even better. 


This document provides guidance on procedures for those who wish to compliment Mr L’s Online English or who may be dissatisfied with any aspect of Mr L’s Online English services and who wish to raise a concern or make a formal complaint.


All incoming compliments concerns and complaints from students, parents and other parties such as stakeholders or employers are covered by Mr L’s Online English Compliments, Concerns and Compliments policy. 



The owners of Mr L’s Online English are responsible for monitoring compliments, concerns and complaints made by students and stakeholders and for analysing trends and the actions we can take to improve. 


We are committed to providing our students, employers, and stakeholders an outstanding service. Mr L’s Online English is always warmed to receive compliments as it is always important to know that what we do is appreciated as it indicates we are being effective as educators. 


Compliments also: 
•    inform us on which aspects of our work are meeting our high-quality standards 
•    enable us to feedback to our staff the appreciation of our students /employers / stakeholders. 
•    give us valuable information on excellent practice which can be cascaded across Mr L’s Online English
•    inform us on ways that we might adjust our policies, procedures, or practices to incorporate excellent practice. 
Compliments are invaluable endorsements for marketing purposes, so compliments are strongly encouraged. 


Concerns – Informal resolution 
In the event of a complaint most concerns can be resolved by discussing the issue with the person directly involved without delay. Customers may raise a concern about their course/product at  or 07595692364.
Mr L’s Online English will take into account all relevant facts, needs and interests of all concerned and use its discretion to resolve the matter with due sensitivity. 


Mr L’s Online English will provide feedback to the parent/employer/student on actions and outcomes normally within one week .  
In rare instances where learners over the age of 18 wish their partner, carer, parent or employer to take up their concern on their behalf, they will be required to sign a letter of authority and submit this to Mr L’s Online English before any concern is progressed. 


In the case of an employer who has a concern with any aspect of their employee's course of study at Mr L’s Online English, they should also bring it to the attention of Mr L’s Online English. The appropriate person will then consider all relevant facts, needs and interests of all concerned and use their discretion to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of employee and employer. Mr L’s Online English will provide feedback to the employer on the actions and outcomes. 


Formal Complaints 
If a concern cannot be resolved informally, and only after the recommended avenues have been exhausted, or is deemed complex or high risk, a formal complaint should be raised directly to the owners of Mr L’s Online English. The complaint will be logged and an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent, normally within 3 working days.
The owners of Mr L’s Online English will carry out an investigation. Mr L’s Online English will ensure that the complainant is advised of the outcome of the investigation and actions to be taken by Mr L’s Online English where appropriate; complainants will not be privy to any ensuing disciplinary actions taken against staff. 


Mr L’s Online English aims to ensure that the outcomes are communicated within 15 working days from receipt of the complaint. Should this take longer the complainant will be informed of progress. 
Mr L’s Online English will consider all relevant facts, needs and interests of all parties concerned and propose action that is needed to resolve the matter in the form of a written response to the complainant. This may include action to seek to ensure the matter does not re-occur to the complainant or another student in the future. 


Stage 1

If the complainant is not satisfied with the response to their complaint they can appeal, in writing, to the directors at Mr L’s Online English. 

Appeals must be received within 7 working days from the date of the letter or email sent informing the complainant of the original decision on their complaint. 

An acknowledgement of receipt of the appeal will normally be sent within 3 working days. For an appeal to be considered it must: 

Provide new information or information/evidence not considered during the investigation of the original complaint and/or 
identify where the written response to the complaint is inaccurate or incorrect and/or identify concerns about the conduct of the investigation. 
The appeal will be reviewed and after reviewing the case, we will normally aim to provide a response within 15 working days of receipt of appeal. Appeals may require a meeting with the complainant. 


Stage 2

In the event of an appeal having met the criteria above being heard by owners of Mr L’s Online English, and if the complainant is able to justify that the appeal points raised were not satisfactorily resolved, there is a further point of appeal.


Stage 3
For employers there exists a right to complain to the Education & Skills Funding Agency or other appropriate statutory bodies: 


The Complaints Team,
Education & Skills Funding Agency, Cheylesmore House,
Quinton Road,
CV1 2WT 


or by email to: 

The Education & Skills Funding Agency will check that published procedures are adequate and have been followed.


Additional matters 
Only those directly involved in the complaint would normally be aware of the details of a complaint. Complainants will not be treated adversely because they have complained. Complaints will be dealt with positively to seek a remedy. However, all complaints are logged to monitor complaints and improve our performance. 
Complaints about a member of staff will be investigated by the owners of Mr L’s Online English who will be expected to share the complaint with the individual member of staff concerned. Disciplinary actions arising from the complaint will not be shared with the complainant. 


If a complaint investigation identifies justifiable concerns about staff performance/conduct, the owners of Mr L’s Online English will agree upon the appropriate actions to be followed. 

All correspondence from legal representatives, or that which indicates the complainant is seeking legal advice, including compensation claims, will be forwarded for the attention of Mr L's Online English legal advisor. An acknowledgement of receipt and notification of forwarding will normally be sent within 3 working days. Mr L’s Online English normal action times will no longer apply to this process. 

Complaints that raise serious concerns about 'safeguarding' will be brought to the attention of the owners of Mr L’s Online English who will implement the company’s Safeguarding policy.
Should a complainant remain unhappy with the outcome they may then raise their complaint with the qualification regulator Ofqual. 


Ofqual deal with complaints about: 
•    when an organisation it regulates does not comply with its regulations 
•    the award of qualifications by organisations it regulates 
•    issues that could undermine public confidence in qualifications it regulates 


Ofqual will not normally follow up on a complaint unless you have first been through the body's full appeals process. 

You can complain to Ofqual by phone, letter, or email to: 
Complaints Ofqual
Earlsdon Park 53-55 Butts Road Coventry 




Telephone: 0300 303 3344 

Information related to a complaint will be electronically retained for a period of 7 years. It is subject to Freedom of Information requests. Please see Mr L’s Online English Privacy Policy.

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